Unchanged for half a century, the conventional maintenance hole design is now a frequent and very costly source of many problems for municipalities and taxpayers. The IFC-25 MH System is a superior system compared to the conventional maintenance hole design and is transitioning into the preferred municipal standard. Eliminate inflow and infiltration, replace the conventional cast iron frame with a 270% stronger ductile iron frame, replace fragile grade rings, minimize road deterioration, stop the constant/frequent rehabilitation cycle and save a large amount of money with the IFC-25 MH System.

There is a 25-year material guarantee for all systems that are installed following the correct procedures detailed in the Installation Guide, which can be downloaded from this website. Additionally, in the event of any third-party damage to the IFC-25 frame and/or concrete components, most repairs are simple and quick using a DECAST recommended product. DECAST's 24/7 Field Services Team can be contacted at (888) 835-7940 to assist with any repairs.


A Solid, Robust, Impenetrable System That Lasts Longer

The IFC-25 MH System eliminates inflow and infiltration, increases sewer capacity and groundwater recharge, minimizes road deterioration, reduces MH rehabilitation cost and frequency, and provides substantial life-cycle costs savings compared to conventional MH installations. The IFC-25 MH System can be installed on new and existing tapered tops, flat caps and chambers. Over 4,000 systems have been installed across Ontario.

  • Approved, specified & licensed across Ontario
  • Saves millions of taxpayer dollars
  • Eliminates inflow & infiltration
  • Minimizes road deterioration, longer life-cycle
  • Ductile iron frame (270% stronger than cast iron)
  • Precast adjustment unit (200% stronger than grade rings)

Quick adjustments, less traffic disruptions, improves safety

Ten Adjustment Unit Sizes

Concrete adjustment units (which replace grade rings) to suit your site specific requirements, 100mm to 550mm in 50mm increments

Canadian, US & European Patents

Canadian Pat. No. 2,643,874
U.S. Pat. No. 8,573,883 & 9,011,035
European Pat. No. 2186945 (validated in GB, DE, FR, BE, AT, and CH)

Ductile Iron Telescopic Frame & Cover

No disturbance to the surrounding material. Easily adjusted during base asphalting, final asphalting or road resurfacing. Embedded within the road surface

IFC-25 Benefits & Cost Savings Report


IFC-25 New Installations






IFC Training & Certification Program

Only companies who have completed the IFC Training & Certification Program are permitted to install the IFC System. Contact us for more details

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